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As Crisis Risk Management Consultants and one of the premier Private Security Companies in the U.S., we can handle all of your needs efficiently and professionally. ISR focuses on developing area specific Crisis Management and Evacuation Guides and then training internal company employees to use the guides during an emergency.


ISR also conducts Threat Assessments and Vulnerability Assessments as part of the overall security package to better improve the protection for an individual or company.




Crisis Management Guides and Training  

- Workplace Violence
-  Area Specific
-  Form and Train in house Crisis Management Teams
-  Test and Evaluate
-  Chemical, Biological and Radiological protective equipment


Evacuation Guides 
-  Individual and group plans 
-  Research and Develop local assets
-  24 Hour on call service


Threat Assessments 
-  Determine Threat to individuals or companies 
-  Used in conjunction with Vulnerability Assessments
-  Determine new security measures to implement


Vulnerability Assessments 
-  Determine weak spots in existing security systems
-  Written recommendations for alarms, locks, lighting, etc.

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