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An intelligence operation used successfully by an adversary or competitor can cause serious market share erosion, significant loss of capital or assets, and even the demise of an organization. ISR provides the highest caliber intelligence and investigation services to protect its clients against hostile intelligence threats, terrorists, criminals, technical attacks, and competitors. ISR also offers proactive intelligence and investigative services to empower its clients with the crucial intelligence needed to gain a competitive edge within their industries. We apply the same principles of information acquisition and analysis used to further U.S. National Security objectives to meet clients' goals.

Our intelligence and investigative services are tailored to clients' needs based on industry background, corporate culture, and overall objectives. The ISR team boasts decades of experience in forensic accounting, federal white-collar investigations and prosecutions, intelligence collection and analysis, private investigations, and personnel and organizational background investigations. Our efforts in risk management, situational awareness, and loss prevention initiatives are predicated on a comprehensive understanding of these fields. This specialized knowledge is used to identify "Red Flags" for clients when investigating: prospective business partners, employees, overseas enterprises, new hires, or entities involved in potential mergers and acquisitions. It is an organizations responsibility implement measures to lower risk exposure. ISR brings that responsibility to action.

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