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Past Performance

Since our inception, ISR Strategies has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality protection service .

ISR Strategies has a diverse private sector client base, which includes: Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, insurance firms, law firms, non-profit organizations, emerging technology firms, energy sector organizations, and private individuals. As proven leaders in providing full-spectrum security services, the world's leading organizations have relied on ISR Strategies to advise and train their personnel, and to carry out security operations on their behalf.


United States Department of State

Palm Beach County Fire rescue

Corporate Security Personnel

Department of Defense (US Navy & US Army)

Sun Terminals

Harris Corporation

Law Firms

Ford Motor Company

Energy Companies

Fortune 500 Companies Executives

Dell Inc

Former Diplomats

Insurance Companies

Ship and Port Facilities

Tourism Companies

Yachts of Seabourn

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